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What are Chicken Invaders Games?

Chicken Invaders Games are what you need if you are a big fan of shooting games but are tired of the old tropes with terrorists, police officers, hitmen, and the like, and want something that is both retro and new at the same time, which is what we are delighted to showcase you in this category, one that features online versions of video games that, at their origin, were inspired by the retro arcade game called Space Invaders, and this is clearly visible in the title.

The franchise is developed in Greece, has started off in 199, and the latest iteration in it is a spin-off called Chicken Invaders Univers which debuted in 2018, an MMO where players take on the role of fresh recruits straight out of Heroes Academy, who have to fight against the fowl Henpire with their comrades in the United Hero Force.

You might be familiar with this game but not the main franchise, and if that is the case, don’t worry, since this following part of the article is meant to teach you all you might want to know about the series, so you can enjoy it free of charge and stress on our website!

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As the title suggests, the chickens don’t come from Earth, as they are actually extraterrestrial chickens that want to invade our planet, which is why you use your spacecraft to shoot them down and prevent their descent and invasion.

You move your spaceship horizontally using the keyboard, and it shoots automatically at the chicken at the top, which moves left and right, but also top and bottom, as they are always trying to avoid you, but you have to eliminate them at all costs!

Some of them will be shooting back at you, so be careful not to get hit too many times, or your craft’s defenses will totally go down, and you will lose. You can sometimes play with a second player and fight together.

When available, take advantage of the gift box power-ups to become more powerful, and collect the drumsticks left behind by the chickens you defeat, because if you collect enough of them, you can buy a missile, which is one of your most powerful weapons.

The game goes on endlessly, until the player has no more lives, with the waves of feathery invaders getting more difficult to defeat, and after each wave, you also have a boss to take down, as it’s only natural of this kind of game.

After the success of the first game, the craziness of shooting chickens continued with the following entries:

We know that shooting chickens is not something you’re keen on doing in real life, but it’s fun to do it playing online shoot’em up games, even more so since they are aliens who want to take over our world. Save it from them!