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What are Dinotrux Games?

Dinotrux Games is one of our brand new games category in which you would definitely have a great time and mange to behave just fine because everything that you expect around here is totally going to matter, and without it you are never going to do anything different. Prepare from the start and show us that you are surely going to be able to ensure us of believing in the things that are quite important. We need to go ahead and try to become really good at the things that are going to come next around because otherwise you would not be able to continue to show us what really matters. You have to get over here and tell us everything that you know about these games because you are the only one who could play them and make sure that is going to have a blast while doing so. Prepare to learn a lot more about these dinotrux, which are quite fascinating after you get to know them. This is actually based on some comic books for little knds where a lot of younglings read because they are nice and no one could ever tell us anything different. So over here you are going to find something really nice, because it is not going to be either dinosaur or robot, but both mixed together in half. It is certain that you would have a great thing over these things because they are really cool and nice to go ahead with all over again. We need to see that you are going to find everything that you need around here and that you are not going to be disappinted of us. This is a great era in which a lot of things are going to be possible just because you would be there over and over again, because it really matters. You have to learn how to deal with these half dinosaurs and half robots, because they are all that would be quite important for us in there. So that is the reason of which you are not going to be capable of telling us what to do around here. There is going to be a bad part of these dinosaurs, the hybrid ones, which are going to be called Reptools. They are mixed reptile and tools, and that is how they were created. We need to see if you could learn how to deal with all of these because they are looking forward to making a lot of friends around here, and you could be the ones that try to do something as so. We are going to believe in you that you could organize yourself and try to enter each part of it without any problems. So, you are going to find out that there is a villain as well, and he is called the evil Tyrannosaurus Trux, who enjoy eating everything that he sees in front of him and make them dissapear once and forever. He is known as another name as well, and we are talking about D-Structs, because he destructs everything. He was about to be defeated by the two main characters of this series. They are called Ty and Revvit, both Dinotrux and Reptools, who team up in order to make peace once in that place that they see over there. We need to see that you could help them in their adventures, because that would be the only way in which these two are going to be defeated. Prepare from the start and show us that you are never going to betray us, because that is what someone like you is supposed to be doing all this time. You have to settle down and understand all their stories and be really close to the things that would be pretty interesting over there. Go ahead and manage to tell us how are you going to deal with something that is cool like that. Good luck.