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What are Evermoor Games?

The Evermoor Games series is a blast of the past, considering that the show has ended its run after one season back in 2015, but it had managed to produce interesting and wonderful lore, awesome characters and their stories, and, most importantly, awesome games based on the show where you can now have plenty of fun, and you are lucky to be on our website since this is the best place to find and play these games!

The Evermoor Chronicles explained!

Tara Crossley is the main character we follow in this show, and she is a young American teen who sees her whole life turned upside-down when she moves from her home in the American lands all across the pond, to the English village called Evermoor, after which the show is named.

This is because her mother has remarried, and her stepfather is from that village, so now she has a new life not only in a new location, but also a new parent, as well as half-siblings, and if you throw magic into that, you’re in for quite the adventure!

At her new manor in England, Tara discovers a magic tapestry that predicts the future, and one of the first predictions she comes upon is that the manor is going to burn, and only because she was the one to believe we're the people in it saved.

This sets up a mystery for Tara, her brother Jake, and her step-siblings, Seb and Bella, not only to discover the magical things happening all around Evermoor, but also things such as the real cause of their aunt’s death, and much more!

In the second series of the show the setting moves to London, England’s most fascinating city, where Bella goes to fashion school, and then she ends up on a magical adventure to find fragments of a broken magic mirror in order to save all of reality!

The show manages to blend fun and adventure with mystery and thriller elements exceptionally well for a show aimed at teenagers, and all the fine details of it are extraordinary, making it one of Disney Channel’s biggest productions, ever!

What Evermoor Games online can you play?

Well, you can play all of them on our website, and don’t bother going anywhere else, since you won’t find any better ones than here!

You’ve got amazing interactive adventure games with fascinating storylines, such as The Threat of Fate, and Evermoor High, where together with Tara and other characters you interact with this world directly, learning more about it by actually living in it!

For those looking for brain teasers, you should definitely check out the memory games and differences games in this category, which all feature characters and images from the show, and completing them definitely helps you hone your various skills!

You can’t go wrong no matter what Evermoor game you choose to play on this page, so pick one even randomly, start the fun, and don’t hesitate to invite your friends to also discover the amazing world of games on our website!