Chase Racing Cars

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What is Chase Racing Cars?

Chase Racing Cars
Every man or boy in the world simply loves feeling some real adrenaline and feeling the real speed and this cool and so amazing game offers you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to prove that you are the best in this brand new chasing mission so let's get to the work now and do not stop until you prove that you can score such a great high score, that could never be beaten.

First of all, you must know that you have to get faster than your opponents, not because you have something to prove, but because you must be faster and that's all. When you are in front of them on this straight road, you must plant some bombs, using the SPACE bar but only when you get the perfect moment, until you run out of them. You will also collect the bombs from the road, where you will need to collect as much money, golden coins, as you can, for making sure that you will get a perfect score because the money will increase your score.

Good luck for the last time and do not ever try to crash onto the other cars, because this means that you've finished the game right there and your car will produce a blast!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

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