Super Stacker 3

Super Stacker 3

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Super Stacker 3
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Super Stacker 3 Overview


Super Stacker 3 is now available free of charge for all our visitors, whom we know for a fact have always loved the really awesome puzzle games online with stacking from our website, especially since the previous versions of this game had already had their time here, so it's time for a new edition so that you can explore new challenges and put your brain to work even more, in new ways!

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In each level, you are given shapes like blocks, circles, triangles, and others, which can come in various sizes. The goal you have is to stack them on top of each other until no more items are left to stack, and without even one of them falling to the ground because if you lose even one item from the stack, you have lost the level.

You might be given platforms or static shapes on the screen with which to work around, so figure out how to use them to your advantage. In total, there are forty levels, with a new stack challenge in each, which gets progressively more difficult, but as you progress, you will see your brain becoming smarter and working better.

If you've lost a level, try it again, figuring out a better strategy each time. We wish you the best, and we hope you're not stopping here, since more great games are always in the work for you all on our website!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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