Super Hexbee Merger

17.05.2023 506 1 votes

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What is Super Hexbee Merger?

Super Hexbee Merger

Now that we have a full category for them, we will be bringing you even more amazing merge games online to play, just like we are proving right now with Super Hexbee Merger, which also features hexagons and a beehive, and the bees, of course, so we are sure that all of these are reasons to try it out, and you will, immediately! Let's teach you what to do first, shall we?

Let's do a fun Super Hexbee Merger online!

Use the mouse to take the hexagons and put them in the beehive, arranging them in such a way that you form groups of hexagons with the same color, and make full-on rows as well, because if that is achieved, those hexagons get removed, and you get points in return.

Make sure to fill out all the spaces appropriately, because if you do not, and there are no mergers that can be done or eliminations of them, you eventually get stuck and lose, having to start again. So, think before you act and merge, and have fun, with us hoping to see you play even more games from this or any of our other categories!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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