Digital Circus Merger

Digital Circus Merger

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Digital Circus Merger
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Digital Circus Merger Overview


The first Digital Circus Merger game online has now dropped into this beloved category for you all, but it is not going to be like most of the ones you already know about, since this is also a skill game at the same time, not just a puzzle one, where timing and focus are instrumental, and we will now teach you what and how to do it so that you can begin straight away!

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Pomni, Jax, Caine, and other characters appear on the top, moving left and right, and when you tap or click on the screen, you make them drop below the line. Drop the characters in such a way as to merge two identical ones and form another character, until you have merged all of them.

The more you merge, the more points you get, but if you overcrowd the screen and hit the top line, you lose, so make sure to keep merging characters to prevent that from happening, and instead amass a big number of points. It's as simple as that, so feel free to begin right now, after which we've got even more great games coming, from this and other categories of ours!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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