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Flying Bill

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Flying Bill
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Flying Bill Overview


Flying Bill is a hypercasual runner game online in 3D, although you will be flying not running, as the title suggests, it still stands apart quite differently from most of the other ones, as it has an added element of it being a game about money too, where through your flights you buy, sell, and multiply your funds, in an interesting way which we will now explain to you, that is also quite easy as well!

Make more money with the Flying Bill online!

Start off by tapping enough times to fold the bill into an airplane, which is how you are able to take flight. You then drag left and right to move it, as you have to go through the blue gates, which will add more bills or multiply them, but make sure you are avoiding the red ones since they divide or reduce your bills.

You always need to have more bills, since along the way you find keyboards, phones, watches, balls, diamonds, gaming consoles, and more, which you can buy with the bills you have simply by flying through them. If you have less money than they cost, and you hit them, you will lose, so in that case, make sure to fly past them and avoid them at any cost!

Each new course gets more complicated than the last one you flew through, but also more fun, and with more money for you to get the chance of making. Start right now, give the game your best, and make sure you're not stopping here, there are many more that you can find and play in this style!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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