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Scary Maze Game

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Scary Maze Game
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Scary Maze Game Overview


Play Games is known for its wide variety of games that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. Whether you want to play the most played games on the website or go through a list of hundreds of scary games, you will always be on the edge of your seat. Speaking of the edge of your seat, scary games are meant to keep you from experiencing the fear that scares your pants off for losing the game, and this is what Scary Maze Game does. 

What Is the Scary Maze Game (online)?

How calm is you with your hands? Do you think you can use precise hand movement to navigate the thinning walls of each level? In Scary Maze Game, you tackle four levels of intense fear as you try to guide a blue dot through a maze without touching the walls. A red line awaits the end for players to cross to win each level. However, if you do touch the walls, then it is game over, and you are in for the fright of a lifetime. 

Here are some helpful tips for winning at Scary Maze Game: 

Tips For Completing the Scary Maze Game

●    Steady your hands. This sounds easier said than done, but you use your hands every day, so you have a degree of control over them. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the best thing to do before you start Scary Maze Game is to take a few deep breaths to calm your anxiety. Calming your anxiety is especially important if you just lost a round of Scary Maze Game. The jump scare is on a different level. 
●    Have something flat to place your rest. A lot of people have their wrists hanging off their desks when they are using their mice. It helps, when using a mouse to steady your hands, to keep your wrist on a flat surface to keep it from shaking. The last thing you want to do in the thinning walls of Scary Maze Game is to shake your hands so much that you lose the game. 
●    Take each level slowly. Do not go too slow, you want to win the Scary Maze Game in record time, but the last thing you want to do is get too confident and make an easy mistake. Each level might look easy at first, which builds your confidence, but you do not want to get overconfident and take a turn too fast which leads to a jump scare. 
●    Play with your sound on. The whole point of Scary Maze Game is to scare you. It is meant to make you not want to trip up and hit the wall. The consequence is a jump scare that can leave you rattled for the next attempts. 

While Scary Maze Game is terrifying if you lose, you will not have to worry about finding out what fear awaits your every move if you follow these tips. Scary Maze game is challenging, scary, and most of all: Fun!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE.

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