Crush to Party: Halloween Edition

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What is Crush to Party: Halloween Edition?

Crush to Party: Halloween Edition
A very special My Halloween Party game for kids is available right here on our website, where dear friends you can play a crush game and a decoration Halloween challenge at the same time.
You can see that this is a new online Hallowene challenge even from the title of the game, and you dear friends have ot gain a lot of points in order to have one of the best Halloween parties from our website. Each object that you need for your party is going to cost you points, so you have to make sure that you can have the highest score possible in order to finish the challenge with the best party.

At the beginning you will have 0 points to use on your Halloween party decorations, so you have to start by playing the crush challenge, so you have to be very fast and make sure that using your mouse, you will be able to crush all the Halloween objects. There will be little icons of zombies and Halloween pumpkins, and you dear friends have to make sure that you can make all the icons be the same on the screen, and when they are from the beginning, you will have to crush them all as fast as possible. Each wave that you have to crush is going to have a limited time, so you have to be very fast and very careful in order to gain points by clicking the icons using your mouse.

You will have to be very fast and concentrated, because your top score will be calculated with each wave, and for you to have a lot of points to use on your party, you will have to beat your score over and over again. Your lives are going to be unlimited in this challenge, and for that you will have the chance to gain a lot of points and that you will have an awesome Halloween party. You can see that all the waves or levels will be different even though you continue to restart the game over and over again, and that makes it more interesting. Decorate the entire room with scary Halloween items, objects and even decorations.

You will need a Halloween bufe on a table that is gonna be full with Halloween cookies, Halloween drinks and even Halloween food that you can eat during the party. Spider webs, Halloween pumpkins, scary glowing eyes, balloons, Halloween signs, wizard and witch hats are all going to be available in the shop, so you have to use your points and have an amazing Halloween party. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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