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Race The Traffic

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Race The Traffic
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Race The Traffic Overview

Do you like realistic racing games? Well, this time in the new boys game Race The Traffic you will have the coolest realistic car racing. Basically, the game is a simulator in everything that means car racing and driving a sports car.

For starters, you should know that the game Race The Traffic will let you choose what kind of activity you want to do with your car, and in this chapter, you can choose from the following:
  •     One Way: the traffic is in one direction, so the cars go in the same direction you are going. This mode is the easiest.
  •     Two Way: Traffic is two way. One way is in the direction you are going, but there are cars in traffic coming from the opposite direction, and here you will have to be much more careful not to crash into another car on the highway.
  •     Time Attack: the races will take place only against the clock; you will have a timer that you will have to follow.
  •     Speed ​​Bomb: a very interesting race in which you will have to drive a bus with a bomb in it. If you slow down or crash into other cars, the bomb will explode. On the left, you will have an indicator that shows you how fast the bomb explodes. In order not to explode, you will have to move quickly and without getting injured.
At the end of each race, you will be able to improve your car, and in this chapter, you will be able to upgrade the following things: car speed, brakes, ease of driving.
On the other hand, each race you start will be able to take place in three different weather conditions:
  •     summer
  •     in the evening
  •     rainy weather

How to play?

use the arrows to drive your car

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