Bike Racing 3

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What is Bike Racing 3?

Bike Racing 3

Do you like bikes? We sure do! In this new motorcycle game on our website, you need to get as far as possible!

You and your bike spawn in a very wavy area that you must go through. Your objective is to go through this terrain as far as you possibly can without failing. There are many ways that you can fail, the first one is your bike flipping over so you must go slowly to avoid that.

The second way you can fail is if your fuel runs out. You only have a limited amount of fuel and you need to collect fuel cans along the road to refuel your motorbike. On your way, you will also be able to collect coins. The numbers on the coins represent their value, and they are beneficial when it comes to upgrades.
There are a lot of upgrades to choose from:

  • Fuel Upgrade: Increases the maximum capacity of fuel.
  • Engine Upgrade: Increases the power of your engine, allowing you to go faster.
  • Tire Upgrade: This upgrade increases the traction of your tires.
  • Stability Upgrade: This will help you to not fall over with your motorbike.

The game also features multiple tracks. The first track is free but to unlock the other ones you need to unlock them using the coins you collect.

  • Plain: The basic track you get for free. It is a normal track with dirt and grass.
  • Hillock: The second track that you need to unlock. It is a very rocky track.
  • Desert: Very sandy desert track, costs money to unlock too.
  • Arctic: A cold track, features snow!
  • Hills: The last track of the game. It is also very rocky like Hillock.

The game also features different bikes that you can buy. The first one is of course free but the later ones need coins to unlock. The bikes found in the game are Road Bike, Scooter, Pitbike, Sport Bike, and Classic bike.

Time to bike!

How to play?

Left and Right arrow keys to move. On mobile use the touch buttons.

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