Real Tractor Farmer

Real Tractor Farmer

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Real Tractor Farmer
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Real Tractor Farmer Overview

Real Tractor Farmer is the new tractor game that the team recommends. In the new tractor simulator, you will have to learn how to put to work a green Jhon Deer tractor, with double wheels on a farm. First, you will have to go to the barn with agricultural machinery, from where you will have to carefully go out with your tractor, and finally, you will have to go with it to the part of the land that you will have to plow. to plow, you will have to go after the plow, get the plow to the tractor, and finally go out with the tractor to the farm.

Before you get to work you will need to pay attention to three essential elements:
  • the diesel you have in the tank
  • technical condition of the tractor
  • the current stage of the works on the farm

To plow effectively, you will need to start at the ends of the area you need to plow and move inward. To know exactly where the objects you are looking for are, you will have to pay attention to the green arrow next to the tractor that will guide you in which direction to go.

The next thing you will have to do after you have prepared the land will have to go after the cultivator, grab it by the tractor and together with it cultivate the cereals you need at the virtual farm. After you have managed to sow the seeds in the ground, you will have to go for the machine that helps you herbicide to kill the wild grass that grew on the plot of land you sowed. The next step will be to water the plants that are starting to grow, but not with plain water, but with water with fertilizer and nutrients that will help the plants grow faster and bear fruit.

The next step you need to take care of in the farmer's simulator will be to take care of the tractor you use for all agricultural work, and more precisely to do the following technical maintenance operations on the tractor:
  • checking tire pressure
  • checking the oil in the gearbox
  • checking the remaining fuel and refueling with diesel if it is insufficient
  • washing the machine of the remaining mud
  • replacement of damaged parts
We hope that you enjoy our Tractor Online Games and we will publish some fresh games in this category.

How to play?

use the arrows to move. Keep one eye on the green arrow.

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