Counterfeit Cat Nine Lives

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What is Counterfeit Cat Nine Lives?

Counterfeit Cat Nine Lives
Max and Gark are in a new adventure game and we invite you to try and prove to us that you can help our friends to successfully complete this new mission that they have.

As you can see, Max is the main character in the new adventure of the famous kittens, and you will always have to be with him in all the difficult moments of the game. The adventure began in the neighborhood where Max lives, and the kitten's mission will be to collect all the bonus points on the entire route he has and also to try to avoid the dangers that are everywhere.

As you can see in the title of the game, you will have nine lives at your disposal, which is why you will have to take care and try to finish the game before you die nine times. In total, you will have to go through nine different levels and to reach the last level you will have to finish all the others beforehand.

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How to play?

use the SPACEBAR to jump and the X button to attack others.