Happy Snakes

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What is Happy Snakes?

Happy Snakes
Dear children,
If you ever liked the famous Snake game, then Happy Snake is for you. Come and raise your own snake and try to knock down as many scores of other players playing this game as possible.

The game is structured on levels whose degrees of difficulty increase with each level. Your goal at each level is to grow your own snake as big as possible. At the top left of the game screen, you always reach the top with the biggest worms raised by players who play this game in real-time. Set your goal of overcoming them to reach number one.

To grow your big snake, you have to lead it on the game board and collect food in front of you. Snakes have a big appetite when it comes to food, so feed it as well as possible. The more food you gather, the more the worm will grow. However, you will notice that you will also find some bottles that will give you superpowers or a bonus in increasing the length.

To bring extra points collect the benefits you find along the way. Also, if you manage to kill other snakes in the race, you will receive extra points. In order to kill them, they have to muse you. But be careful not to bite them, because then you will lose the competition and you will die. The level is considered won when you come out in the first place.

Good luck.

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How to play?

use the mouse