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Draw Tattoo

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Draw Tattoo
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Draw Tattoo Overview

On our website we want you to play only the best drawing games online on the internet, otherwise, we would not have created this category in the first place, so for that reason, we now invite you to try and become a tattoo artist with the game called Draw Tattoo, where you will do exactly what the title says and if we had fun tattooing, why would you not as well?

Let's learn how to draw the sickest tattoos ever!

Each new level brings a new client to your shop, which means that each person will have a different design that they want to be drawn on them, with the designs getting more complicated level after level, but that is not bad, because you will also grow as a tattoo artist the more you work hard.

You will see the design they want, and then you have to use the ink pistol to draw inside the bounds of the shape as cleanly as possible, because the more correct the drawing is, the more stars you get at the end of the level, and you are able to earn between one and three stars, depending on your performance.

Use the mouse to draw, moving slowly but surely so that the drawings are made without a hitch. Good luck, and make sure to check this category out further, so you can see more ways you can have fun with it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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