Mission to Monte Macabre

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What is Mission to Monte Macabre?

Mission to Monte Macabre
Mission to Monte Macabre is a special new game just added into our category of Victor and Valentino Games, which is great if you are a first-timer to the series, and we're not talking just the category, but even this Cartoon Network show, since this game will make you familiar with its characters, their world and their adventures in it, as well as the games from it!

Welcome to Monte Macabre!

Monte Macabre is a town in Mexico, where the culture of the dead and the various customs around them have been kept for thousands of years, and the reason for that is because the place is a tunnel to the Underworld, and on one side you can explore the human world, with its various games.

Welcome to Underworld!

The Underworld is the world of dead and monsters that Victor and Valentino travel to almost every episode, where they have all sorts of fun adventures, which can be scary but are also educational at the same time. If you switch between the two locations using the button at the top, you will have different games for each side of the world.

How to play the best Victor and Valentino Games online, all in one place:

Escape the Underworld is a game where you will skate together with the two cousins, and Creature Catcher is exactly what the title says, a game where you go on a hunt for ancient monsters. A third game that is currently available for you to enjoy is Smash the Pinata, where you will uphold this fun tradition and game. Another game is called Clean-Up challenge, where you help the two cousins keep their house tidy, and in Taco Time you will make the best tacos ever!

For all the mini-games you get your instructions before you start playing them, so follow those, and we are sure you will do great all the way through while learning more about Victor and Valentino, and having fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse and keyboard.

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