Spanish Survival Quiz

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Spanish Survival Quiz
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What is Spanish Survival Quiz?

Spanish Survival Quiz
This time our favorite characters from Victor and Valentino are in an educational game, in which we will have to learn Spanish because this is the predominant language used in Mexico. In order to win all the points in this game, you will have to do well in Spanish. If you think you can learn Spanish more easily when you hear the words, you can press the button next to each expression to hear exactly how each word is pronounced.

What are the questions from this game?
  • How do you politely say good morning in Spanish? (mis comrades, buenos dias, hola ninos)
  • How do you tell the doctor my tummyi in spanish? (adios, mi pancita, el hombre)
  • What do you say in Spanish to make sure he stays trapped in there? (estas atrapado, estas luchador, estas pobrecito)
  • How do you wich good luck in spanish? It's buena... (frutas, muchachos, suerte)
  • How does the note say very spicy in spanish? (bienvenida, mela suerte, muy picante)

How to play?

use the mouse to select the correct answer.

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