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What are Victor and Valentino Games?

Victor and Valentino are the newest animated characters presented by Cartoon Network in the new cartoons that bear their name. The two boys are two stepbrothers, from the town of Monte Macabre, a small and mysterious town where they live with their grandmother named Chata. The two quickly realize that in the city where they live during the summer, strange things do not stop appearing, and the creatures inspired by the local folklore are more and more.

Which are the main characters from Victor and Valentino Games?

Victor: is the main character in our games, he manages to rise to the level of challenges in the missions that the two brothers have even if he is the youngest and shortest of the main characters. He has brown hair, wears a half-blue and half-white T-shirt, a pair of brown shorts, and a pair of black shoes. He is passionate about sports, especially football, but unfortunately, he does quite badly in grammar, but his ability to solve problems puts him in a leading role in our games.
Valentino: he is Victor's stepbrother, being also older and taller than him, and his physical posture is much more imposing than his brother's, he wearing a red sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of brown shorts, and at the bottom a pair of brown shoes. He always has a bag with him where he keeps the most important tools he uses in the key moments of the game. His passion is to collect all kinds of art objects as well as old coins, famous photos, and in football, he does worse than his brother.
Chata: she is the grandmother of the two brothers, she owns a house in the town of Monte Macabre, and she always takes care of the two boys. She is short, wears glasses, and always wears a white dress with floral decorations on her body. He wears a pair of pink slippers on his feet, and he always has a stick in his hand.
Other characters: In our games, you will meet Charlene (a little girl who has an increased appetite when we talk about supernatural, macabre and scary things. Her outfit is always dark, black, and the smile on her lips is unmistakable), Pineapple, who is a cunning boy, is Charlene's older brother, and his main mission is to fight Victor and Valentino. His appearance is that of a bad boy, and his stature requires respect, Sal, Don Jalapeno, Xochi Jalapeno, Miguelito, Maria Teresa, Reynaldo, Reynalda, and others.

What kind of games we can play with Victor and Valentino?

Most of the time the games with Victor and Valentino are inspired by the cartoons, and more precisely by the city where the two brothers decided to spend their summer vacation. In the games you are going to play, you will be able to participate in a football match with our characters, or you will be able to start with the two brothers in an interesting adventure in which your goal will be to destroy as many monsters as possible. Each game you manage to complete until the end will help the two brothers to go through their beautiful adventure, and when you find bonus points along the way, we guide you to collect them because most of the time you can earn new artifacts, extra lives or even unlock new levels.