Are You Victor or Valentino

16.03.2021 1.491 10 votes

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What is Are You Victor or Valentino?

Are You Victor or Valentino
The new QUIZ game in the Victor or Valentino category will make you think because you will have to answer us as fast as you can with at least 10 questions in order to be able to find out which of the two brothers you are. As you probably know, Victor and Valentino are two very different stepbrothers from all points of view, this is also the reason why you will have to be very careful about all the questions you have in the game so that you can answer us. suitable. In the light of your answers, we will try to find out if you have more features or orientations towards Victor or Valentino.

Which are the questions?

  1. Who do you hope you get this quiz? | (Victor, Valentino)
  2. Pick an Alebrije
  3. Do you like pulling pranks on people? | (I love pranks | No, pranks are mean)
  4. Pick a snack | (Churros, Tacos)
  5. Which of these is your fav color? | (blue, red)
  6. Pick an Emojo | (smile, sad)
  7. What position do you like to play in football? | (Forward, Goalie)
  8. Which describes you more? | (I'm the class genius, I'm the class clown)
  9. would you explore the underworld? | (Totally it's cool, No way! Too spooky)

How to play?

use the mouse to select the answer.

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