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Fortride Open World

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Fortride Open World
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Fortride Open World Overview


Fortride Open World is a game meant as a tribute to Fortnite Games, of course, since they are the most popular open world sandbox MMO and battle royale games online on the internet, but the game aims to make things a little bit different, since the various skins you are used to here, which are humanoid, have been replaced by cars, trucks, and motorcycles, making this an exhilarating experience like none before it!

Drive to victory in the Fortride Open World!

Use the arrow keys for driving your car in the open world, and make sure to go on ramps and jump in the air, and get as much air time as possible, and if you can even make some cool spins, tricks, flips, and stunts, you might earn some extra cash. If you want to get a speed boost, press and hold the spacebar. With shift you can change cars, so hold it down, and then use the right and left arrow keys to move through the roaster.

You can pick small, medium, and even large trucks and cars, even monster trucks if you want. If you see portals on the map, you can go through them to instantly jump to other locations. With the Q key, you can select structures and platforms for building, using the E, D, S, and F keys to change between the options, and placing them on the ground with the spacebar.

Use the forts you build to protect yourselves from attacks of other cars on you, as you attack the other cars because as the map gets smaller, you need to give your best to be the final one standing in it to win! Let's begin the Fortnite game with cars like you've never played before, and invite your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys, space, shift, and Q, E, S, D, F.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the Q key to start the building of the forts.
  • Change cars with shift, each one being driven differently.
  • Jump on ramps to get lots of coins in return.

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