Rainbow Waterfall Adventure

Rainbow Waterfall Adventure

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Rainbow Waterfall Adventure
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Rainbow Waterfall Adventure Overview


Shimmer and Shine invites you on a Rainbow Waterfall Adventure! It's a waterfall made of light, in the colors of the rainbow, and you get to visit it! It's a fun adventure game for girls, where anything can happen with the magic of these genies! Let's give you a short preview of the fun you're going to have!

Go on the Rainbow Waterfall Adventure with Shimmer and Shine!

Enter through the waterfall with your magical boat. Use the up and down arrow keys to go up and down with it. There, make sure to rescue the genie friends floating around, and to catch as many diamonds as you can. Doing so earns you points, in addition to saving friends!

Avoid the gusts of winds, and the purple clouds, since these are obstacles, and they slow you down from your adventure! Can you catch chickens next? As they fly around on the screen, tap on them quickly before they fly away to grab as many of them as possible!

Use the arrows to jump from cloud to cloud with Shimmer and Shine in the final stage of the adventure. Jump on the clouds to reach the top, and collect stars and diamonds along the way to increase your score. Don't fall off!

It's as simple and magical as that, so feel free to begin the adventure right now, you won't forget it any time soon!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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