Ronaldo vs Messi Fight

Ronaldo vs Messi Fight

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Ronaldo vs Messi Fight
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Ronaldo vs Messi Fight Overview


This Ronaldo vs Messi Fight game is not done on the pitch! No, it's one of the newest boxing games with celebrities from our website. They're funny games all the time, and this time you do it with footballers, the most popular in the world, true rivals for more than a decade. They decided to settle scores with a boxing match, one you will be able to take part in, in first person. Let's show you how fun it can be!

Can you win the Ronaldo vs Messi Fight?

From the main menu, you choose if you wish to be Ronaldo or Messi. Simply click on their face, and then you fight against the other. As in a boxing match, hit more, defend more, and take down your opponent. Do it to deplete their health bar and win, but if they do it instead to you, you lose.

Here's how you box:

  • Use A for Left Jab
  • Use D for Right Jab
  • Use W for Left Uppercut
  • Use S for Right Uppercut

Press the spacebar to block, or use an energy punch. That is used when the energy tab is full. It's a special attack you can deal a lot of damage with. Watch the energy meter all the time!

We recommend that when you run out of energy, you start blocking punches, to wait for it to come back. Then, start the counter-attack and defeat your football rival! When done, check out some real football games, where you find these players!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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