Boxing Fighter

Boxing Fighter

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Boxing Fighter
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Boxing Fighter Overview


A Boxing Fighter online is what you will become right now with what we present to be one of the best new boxing games online in 3D from our website, also mobile-friendly, also hypercasual, so all the boys and men who visit us have all the reasons to check it out, and we will now give you info on it, so you can do your best at it and become the top dog of the ring!

Be the best Boxing Fighter online!

Swipe left and right to throw hooks, and press the right and left arrow keys to dodge in those directions, as you keep boxing, you will see that there are many combos that you can create between these simple moves so that you can land hits on your opponent in the ring, but also avoid their hits on you.

If the time runs out in a round, both of you get some HP back and restart, otherwise, you play until one boxer knocks out the other one. That means depleting their health bar totally. Claim coins from winning boxing matches, and use them to buy upgrades for your fighter, making them stronger, so that you win even more fights!

It's as simple as that, and totally exciting for both boys and men, so be brave and start right now, after which we want you playing even more of our daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse and arrow keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • To K.O. your rival boxer, hit them until you deplete them of their health bar!
  • Use the cash prizes to upgrade your boxer in the main menu and be even faster, stronger, and durable!
  • Level up your fighter and climb the ranks to be the top boxer online!

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