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What is Among Us Io?

Among Us Io

There is no doubt that Among Us multiplayer games online are some of the best games on the internet you could be playing at this moment, which is why we are very happy that right now we can share with you the game called Among Us Io, which takes on the classic format of so many Io games which have collecting elements in it and makes it even better by integrating the imposters and crewmates you love so much!

Eat food to grow your imposter army

With the mouse, you will move around the spaceship with your avatar, and you have to search for food such as hot dogs, burgers, soda, friends, and other dishes, because the more food you eat, the more mini-imposters you create around you, and having more of them is always a good idea.

Why? Well, mainly because if you have more than other players, you can dash through them and take away their army and eliminate them from the game, which you need to be careful of yourself, as you have to avoid players that are bigger and stronger than you.

Sometimes you will find imposter upgrades that will give you lots of new troops in one go. If you come back to play the game day after day, you have daily rewards that you will receive.

Good luck to everyone playing this game, as we hope you come on top over the other players worldwide, and we hope to see you play more games with Among Us as only we can provide you with!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.