Abobus Among Imposters!

Abobus Among Imposters!

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Abobus Among Imposters!
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Abobus Among Imposters! Overview


We now invite you all to play 'Abobus Among Imposters!', one of the best new action and fighting games to have been added to the Among Us Games category of our website in recent times, an all-out war game with waves of impostors wanting to kill you, whom you have to give your best to survive the attacks of. Can you do it? Let's teach you how!

Play Abobus Among Imposters for action and a fun time!

Use the mouse or the touch controls to move your crewmate around the ship, having to use the weapon it is equipped with, starting off with the knife, so that you hit the impostors all around you, having to defeat all the waves, each wave representing a level, and each new wave being bigger and stronger than the one before it.

That is why, between levels, make sure to buy new weapons, and new skins, if you wish, as well as upgrades like attack speed, general speed, or health so that you can do a better job in the next levels. We wish you good luck and the best in all that, hoping that you stick around for even more of this fun to come! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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