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Imposters 99

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Imposters 99
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Imposters 99 Overview


Welcome to Imposters 99, a title that might not tell you much aside from the fact that the game belongs to the Among Us Games category, but we can definitely guarantee you will not want to miss out on, it since it has everything you would want: it's in 3D, you can play it on your mobile devices, and it is a shooting game too, which you don't really see that much in the category since the impostors are known for using knives most of the time!

Play Imposters 99 and kill all the clones!

In each level of the game, you will find yourself in one or another part of the spaceship, where impostor clones will attack you when they see the chance to do so, as they hide in groups and get ready for you to come near them, which is when they unleash their attack.

Luckily, you have a gun in your hands, and when they come in the shooting zone, an area represented by a dotted line circle, they get shot automatically, so move in such a way that you shoot them all up and don't let them kill you instead.

As you move through the ship's various areas, grab new weapons, ammo, or power-ups if you find them, the keys to open up new places, and when you're done with the target number of enemies eliminated, a portal opens up which takes you to the next level.

Move with the mouse. Of course, you get rewarded with coins level after level. We invite you to have high-octane fun with the impostors of Among Us right now, and then continue to visit the category and play its amazing content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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