Gobble Squabble

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Gobble Squabble
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What is Gobble Squabble?

Gobble Squabble

Gobble Squabble is a special game on our website, not just because it is one of the newest Thanksgiving Day Games online we've added here, with our team already preparing for this autumn holiday we know you love so much, but this is also one of the best new educational games with maths and animals, a combination that will surely result in the kids playing this game having fun as well as learning valuable lessons at the same time!

Learn math with the wonderful turkeys!

You will start off by choosing the kind of operation you want to play with, such as addition, division, deduction, as well as multiplication, or you can pick the 'All' mode and play with a mix of all these operations through the questions.

The game, otherwise, sort of works like Pacman games, where instead of the Pac-Man you control a turkey which you move around through the maze using the W, A, S, D keys, in any of the four wanted directions.

Now, you have to go around the maze and eat as many of the dots around, gobbling them up, if you wish, but you have to make sure not to get caught by the chefs moving through the maze also, or you will be served for Thanksgiving dinner after being caught three times.

Good luck, have fun like only here is possible, and make sure to check out the other recent additions we've had for this page, we're sure you will simply love them a whole bunch!

How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys.

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