Angry Sharks

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Angry Sharks
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What is Angry Sharks?

Angry Sharks

Welcome all to Angry Sharks, one of the best new sharks games online on our website, something we are actually hoping to have more on here, because we know that sharks are fascinating for children and adults alike, from all over the world, so new games with sharks as high-quality and exciting as this one are must-plays, for sure!

Become the biggest shark in the ocean!

What you have to do is use the mouse to control your shark, swimming in the ocean, and eating smaller fish, bigger fish, just keep eating! The more fish you eat, the bigger you grow, and the more points you unlock and reaching certain point targets will unlock new species of sharks that you can become, and which you select from the main menu.

You have a total of 100 health points, represented by a health bar at the top left corner of the screen, so make sure to avoid dangerous fish such as those that have spikes on them, bigger sharks, which are your competition, or trash and waste that is thrown by humans in the water, because if you touch these things, it damages your health points.

These are the rules of engagement, so let the fun begin, and don't leave anywhere, since this day will be full of even more new and exciting games for you to enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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