Feed Grimlock

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What is Feed Grimlock?

Feed Grimlock

We don't think we've ever had Lego Transformers Games online on our website, but even if we did, you should still consider playing the latest one we bring forward to you, a cool new action and skill game called Feed Grimlock, where this Decepticon has entered in his dinosaur mode, and he is hungry, so why don't you make sure he is properly fed?

Feed Grimlock his favorite: Vehicons

The more Decepticons you give Grimlock to eat in sixty seconds, the better your score becomes, and eating three vehicons in a row without a miss is going to grant you some extra points.

You are playing against time, so the more combos you make, the better, and if the time is over and you're not satisfied with your score, play again, and try harder!

Use the mouse to set the angle of the catapult, and draw back to set the force with which you shoot the 'food' towards the dinosaur robot, and the more you draw backward, the more force you will have in your launch.

Good luck, have fun as only with such games you could have, and if you have friends who also love The Transformers, invite them over, they will love what they find here!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.