FNF vs Strange Neighbourhood

FNF vs Strange Neighbourhood

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FNF vs Strange Neighbourhood
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FNF vs Strange Neighbourhood Overview


Friday Night Funkin 'vs Strange Neighborhood is a pretty awful game in which you have to help Boyfriend dance as fast as possible on rap rhythms so that he manages to destroy his strange neighbor. The songs you will have to dance are 100% new, which makes us happy, because the developers of this mode have made a considerable effort to create this new design and also the new songs that you can try:

  1.     chilly-sleepy
  2.     wake-down
  3.     sinner-sleeper
  4.     fekemy
  5.     pop-scare
  6.     lusturious-lyrica
  7.     terminal-heartbeat

FNF vs Luxus and Aergie

The game takes place in nature, at night, and in the game you will be able to fight with two characters. In the background you will notice a large, pink castle, and the whole landscape is scary. The first character you will have to fight against is Aergie, and the second is Luxus. Aergie is a normal, medium height child who has a green suit in different shades. What's weird about him is that he has a leprechaun hat on his head. In the first level you will have 3 songs that you will have to dance to, and in the second part of the game you will have four other new songs.

The Dialogue with Luxus:

-So you are the little moron?

-Beep bo bep

-My little brother told me about you, darling!

-Skeep beep bop

-You do music? Oh, I am the most famous popstar in this world, you must be super happy to see me!

-Ooook, I'm gonna show you, and you are going to see what is true music, you little @ / & *? !!!!

How does Luxus look like?

This character is a feminine one, she is a middle-aged woman, with blond hair, long up to the ankles, and as clothing everything is quite brief, considering that she is in a bathing suit and heeled shoes.

The Dialogue with Aergie:

-Stop Beepbooping! The whole neighbourhood is sick of you.

-Beep Be Bop

-Ok, I'm going to kill you...if I don't fall asleep...

  • Programming by ninjamuffin99
  • Art by PhantomArcade 3K and Evilsk8r
  • Music by Kawai Sprite
Mod developed by:
  • funder/manage the project, had the idea)/charting/character designer/writter/illustrator: ookaRmacintosh
  • Dev/coding: Eugene_stimac
  • Charting (Week1/2): SzGamer227

  • Sprite animation: CartoonCoffee

  • Composer: apolxcore

  • Composer/Fix voices:Yifeitang

  • composer: Lorenzo Di Gisi

  • Singer: ariannakorona

How to play?

Use the arrows to help BF dancing!

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