GT Ghost Racing

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What is GT Ghost Racing?

GT Ghost Racing

We know that it is mostly boys that visit our website, which is why we are always eager to bring over the best new car racing games online on the internet, even more so if they are also mobile-friendly at the same time, and they are of a high-quality as today's game is, a game called GT Ghost Racing, where you get to drive and race with some of the fastest and coolest GT cars in the world!

Race your GT Ghost car, and win!

Start off by picking the kind of car you want to drive, as well as the race track you are doing it on, having lots of amazing options, and we recommend you alternate between them a lot, to get the best possible experience out of this game!

Like with any racing game with cars, your goal is to be the first one crossing the finish line at the end of the given laps, becoming the winner of the game, simple as that!

You are going to use the arrow keys to drive your car, and know that you will see the tracks from above, so use that birds-eye view to take the turns swiftly, make drifts, and get ahead of all of the other cars.

What are you waiting for? Lots of fun is waiting for you, just one click away, so we hope that you give this game a chance right now, you won't regret it!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys.