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Among Us is a multiplayer game at its core, but if you're bored of the original one, and would like different kinds of experiences but which are set in the same world, then you really need to check out Among Us io games online such as the one we are sharing with you on our website right now, a game called, based on the meme inspired by the imposters and crewmates!

Move among the imposters and fill the map with your color!

You will use the mouse to move around the map with your crewmate/imposter, however, you want to see this astronaut character you become, with the color of it being randomly given by the computer.

Simply point the mouse where you want to go, with the goal being to keep filling up the map with your color, because the more of the map you cover, the more you climb in the rankings, simple as that.

Watch out not to get through the territory of players that are ranking better than you and have more of the map covered, because then you will be eliminated, and the goal you have is to be the last one standing!

Good luck, enjoy, and we hope you stick around for all the more fun still to come on our website today!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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