Clash of Golf Friends

Clash of Golf Friends

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Clash of Golf Friends
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Clash of Golf Friends Overview


Golf is a sport that has only skyrocketed in popularity as times moved further ahead, and we are very happy that you can now play this sport even online, and, even more so, on our website, you can now play it against other people from all over the internet, strangers, or your friends, as we've just now added an Io multiplayer game known as Clash of Golf Friends!

Play golf online with friends and enemies, trying your best to get the top spot!

Start by choosing the name you want to be known as, as well as an avatar from the various options, and, if you want to get some bit of training before you start competing against real people, we invite you to try the Bot Practice mode. If you want to play with friends specifically, choose the Private Room mode, and pick the Find Match one if you want to go up against a random internet golfer.

You can play in two or four players, but the goal remains the same, which is to hit your ball into the hole before the other players, until only you remain after having had multiple victories. Use the mouse to shoot the golf balls, simply by tapping on them, holding and drawing in the direction you want to shoot, and then releasing the mouse button, or finger, if you're playing on a mobile device.

Let the fun start right now, as only here you can have it, and tell everyone you know about the game and invite them to have fun with it too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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