Princess Tier List Maker

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What is Princess Tier List Maker?

Princess Tier List Maker

Tier lists have become really popular, especially on platforms such as YouTube or Reddit, as they involve people ranking music albums, musicians, films, video games, and other pieces of media on a ranking made out of tiers, usually from S, which is the highest, to F, but today you get to do the same thing with the amazing princesses from Disney, while also dressing them up, so you've got double reasons for fun!

Dress up and then rank clothes with your favorite Disney Girls!

Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna, Cinderella, Elsa, Snow White, Mulan, Anna, and Merida are all featured here, and you will help them do a tier list of clothing, and then make sure that they look awesome in them too. Only after you have made your tier list with pictures taken from each Disney movie can you dress up the princess from that film.

Available for you there are haircuts, tops, bottoms, dresses, all of which you can try on, and you can accessorize using purses, and you should not forget about the perfect pair of shoes as well. It's all that easy and fun, so we hope to see you start playing right now, after which we hope to see you play more of our awesome games for girls, they're always ready for you!

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