Mush-Mush Music Maker

Mush-Mush Music Maker

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Mush-Mush Music Maker
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Mush-Mush Music Maker Overview


Mush-Mush and his mushroom friends love music in all of its forms, so we are not at all surprised that right now these forest friends give you the chance to play a Music Maker game online that features them, a game we definitely recommend that you try out right now, since we are the first one sharing it with you all!

Make music with Mush-Mush and the Mushables!

If you choose to make a New Tune, continue by picking in which season you want to make it: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. You are making songs and music through nature, so create your path, add mushrooms, leaves, and other plants and natural things, as well as mushroom characters around.

Then, depending on what things you put in the forest, you will hear a different song of it, and we're positive that it will be very interesting and sound great, and the more you modify the habitat, the more the song changes. Hit the play button to have the characters start their run and the song with it.

You can also Browse tunes that have already been made, and you can see the whole scenery and garden, which you can then attempt to re-create. We want to wish you all the best, and definitely invite you to stick around and try out even more of our games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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