Deer Squad Wordlinks

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What is Deer Squad Wordlinks?

Deer Squad Wordlinks

Deer Squad Wordlinks is the game with which we set off on the journey provided by our new category of Deer Squad Games online, where you are guaranteed to have tons of fun, this game set the tone of it, all the while learning, just like you learn about words and letters in this one!

Let's make wordlinks with the Deer Squad!

You will have letters in a circle, and if you use the mouse to drag from one to another, you can link them up and create words, which is your goal for each level. The words you use appear in the brackets to the left, so use them as a guide to figure out how big or small the words you need to make will be.

At some points, you will be able to use hints, but we're positive the kids playing our games are smart enough not to rely on them too much. Let's begin right now, and we hope to see you around some more, you're in for a treat every minute you are here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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