Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

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Baseball Bat
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Baseball Bat Overview


Get your hands on a virtual Baseball Bat and play baseball online in 3D unlike you've ever done before on our website, precisely the reason why we hope that this game won't be missed out by anyone here, just like we are sure you won't be missing your shots, but be a great batter instead!

Play Baseball Bat online and have fun!

As the pitcher throws balls at you, tap when the pointer is in the middle green zone to land the best hits, and the more accurate you are, the deeper you will land your ball into the bonus zone, where you will get extra points. Orange and red parts of the meter are bad, so try avoiding them at any cost.

The more good shots you get in one after the other one, the more your bonus points count up, including the timed multiplier that will only increase as well. That is the premise, so bat the balls as much as you enjoy it, and try to always do better than you did before. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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