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Doodle Baseball

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Doodle Baseball
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Doodle Baseball Overview


The Google Doodle is what you see when you enter their front page, with their logo and name, but sometimes they make surprises and when you tap on them you get the chance of playing mini-games. Some examples include:

Now, the search engine wants us to do a little bit of sport, even if virtually, and that is Doodle Baseball, combining the internet with America's favorite pastime, since our baseball games online are already quite popular, we're sure this one will be even more so. It's simple, as their searches also are, and we will now explain the whole premise and gameplay!

Let's play Google's Doodle Baseball online!

You will play the role of batter, and in turn, you can eat various foods like pizza, ice cream, corn, watermelon, fried chicken, pineapple, and more! The team you are playing against is the peanuts team, and they will be the ones throwing the ball toward you.

As the one batting, you have to hit it. The bat button is center-screen, and you have to tap on it to swing the bat and hit the ball. When you win, you score, but if you miss, you get a strike. Getting 3 strikes means you lose, but you can always start again and give it another go!

Can you make home runs? They happen when you hit the ball far away, and if you're lucky enough to hit the ball at the right angle and power, you will do it, winning the game instantly! Let's start right now, and doodle your way to victory in one of the best baseball games online for children!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make multiple runs in a consecutive order to win the points that achieve victory!
  • Wait for the ball to be near enough for you to hit it with the ball.


Can I play as the pitcher in this baseball game?
No, in this game you can only play the batter role.

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