Huggy Wuggy Road

Huggy Wuggy Road

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Huggy Wuggy Road
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Huggy Wuggy Road Overview


Huggy Wuggy Road is one of the biggest and best surprises to the Poppy Playtime Games category that we've had on our website so far since car games in 3D are not something you see that often in it, so this will be something new and fresh for all fans of the category, and newcomers are most welcome as well!

Hit the road with Huggy Wuggy!

You will use the arrow keys to drive your car, hitting as many Huggy Wuggy toys as possible with it, which is how you gain points and make progress. Don't hit roadblocks or get stuck, because if the toys attack you and deplete you of your health bar, you lose.

You can also run out of fuel, so look for more fuel canisters along the way, grabbing them if possible. These are the simple rules and the fun stuff you needed to know about how to play the game, so start doing so right now, have the best time possible, and don't hesitate to invite friends over for fun as well, they will surely love it here as well!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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