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Scratcharia Overview


What is Minecraft: Scratcharia? Well, it is a light version of Minecraft made in the world of Scratch Games, which have offered many interesting re-creations and remakes over the years, and this one with the beloved blocky world is just as interesting and exciting, where the world has quite a unique charm!

Enter the world of Minecraft Scratcharia and have fun!

You will use the arrow keys to move around with the character you choose from the main menu, having quite a lot of avatars to pick from, boys and girls alike. Explore the world, which has ground, water, trees, fish, and more natural stuff, but is made out of blocks.

These blocks can be extracted, moved, and interacted with, as you can even craft and build your own objects in-game, which has always been a fan-favorite aspect of these games. Move with the arrow keys, use the spacebar to dig or attack, E for inventory, and the number keys from 1 to 8 to change tools.

Whether you explore and go on adventures, craft, build, or anything else, the world is fascinating and fun and awaits you one click away, so we invite you to start right away!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, E, 1-8 keys.

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