BFFs Guide to Breakup

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What is BFFs Guide to Breakup?

BFFs Guide to Breakup

Let the BFFs show you their Guide to Breakup, because one of them got cheated on, and got really sad, so the other one is here to help her through a full makeover that will make her ex regret what he did, but help her get back on her feet and look amazing. Let's start!

Learn the BFFs Guide to Breakup!

In the first of the four stages, change the girl's T-shirt, wipe her tears, use some eye drops, brush her unruly hair, clean and wash her face after which you dry it with a towel, and in the second stage you will wash her hair with shampoo, while also clearing her pimples away, and doing some finishing touches on her face. You can also dye her hair.

Makeup is what follows, where plenty of amazing cosmetics are given to you, in various colors and shapes, so you can apply them however you see fit, and we're sure they will look simply amazing. Take the girl's measurements to help her create her own top, which will make her feel creative again.

Finally, find a brand new outfit for her to rock, as stylish and extravagant as possible, so that her ex-bf will hate what he did, and she can maybe find a new and better man.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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