Zords of Fury: Power Rangers MegaFoce

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What is Zords of Fury: Power Rangers MegaFoce?

Zords of Fury: Power Rangers MegaFoce

Zords of Fury is here to make our collection of Power Rangers MegaFoce Games even bigger and better than it already was, with the last few games based on this show having been received extraordinarily well, even more so when you get to drive and control Zords, the machines used by the Power Rangers, which should definitely have a bigger spotlight on them!

Drive the Zords of Fury and save the day with the Power Rangers MegaFoce!

Start off by choosing your ranger and zord:

  1. Troy - Dragon Zord
  2. Emma - Pheonix Zord
  3. RoboKnight - Lion Zord
  4. Gia - Tiger Zord
  5. Noah - Shark Zord
  6. Jake - Snake Zord

From your Zord you battle different huge creatures, so click on them to attack them, and swipe down to dodge their attacks on you. Hit them and deplete their life to win, making sure they don't do the same to you first because if that happens, you lose and have to start again from scratch. Your meter is on the left, theirs on the right. The best we wish you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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