Barbie Cheerleader

Barbie Cheerleader

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Barbie Cheerleader
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Barbie Cheerleader Overview


Play as Barbie Cheerleader in Pom-Pom Squad, one of the best new games with this beloved doll, who shows girls they can be anything they want, and if they want to be dancing performers that help encourage teams in football, basketball, and other sports, making real impressive acrobatic shows, then they can be that, and that's what you will try to be in this game with music, dancing, and sports all in one, which we will now showcase, so you can have the best time with it, just like we did!

Become a Cheerleader with Barbie and join the Pom-Pom Squad!

There are two formations that cheerleaders are known for, and you need to start by choosing the one you want to make first:

  • The A-Frame
  • The Wall

How will you do them? By throwing the cheerleaders into position from the bouncy platform, as this game is a skill game with a focus and shooting and throwing the girls out in the air!

Aim the girls by moving the mouse left and right, and when they get into the landing position, click to shoot them up in the air, if they reach those landing zones perfectly, and create the formation, you have won!

The number of cheerleaders you can throw is only ten, so if you run out of them before you can make the formation, you lose, but for each correct throw you earn points, so aim for a big score too!

We hope you're up to perform, and become the best Barbie Cheerleader in the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the girls to form the cheerleader formations!

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