City of Billiards

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What is City of Billiards?

City of Billiards

Our many fans of pool games online are surely going to appreciate our team's addition of the new game called City of Billiards, which is a high-quality unity3d game created with a lot of care, which we have no doubt at all in the world you are going to appreciate, even if this table sport is not your favorite!

Travel to the City of Billiards online for ultimate fun!

You can use the mouse either directly on the pool stick, or you can use the controls on the right, which sets the angle of your shot, and then the control on the left, which sets the power with which you shoot the stick into the ball.

Use the white ball to hit the other balls into the six holes on the sides and corners of the table, but make sure not to lose the white ball, or hit into the holes the 8ball, which is black, because you will lose said levels.

For each new level, as you travel through the city from one pool hard to another, the table's setting gets more difficult, so focus harder to complete them with no stress.

We wish you the best, fun as only here is possible, and we then hope to see you around even more so, the fun never stops here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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