Pool Games

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What are Pool Games?

If you arrived at this page with the intention of having a fun time in virtual water by the pool, go out to a real pool and have fun with your friends and family with real water, as this category is dedicated towards 8 ball games online, with this sport also being known as the page’s title for short, so we understand where the confusion might come from!

This sport played on a table has been around for many decades, and it is found in actual form in so many bars, casinos, or, of course, specially-designed gaming rooms just for them, but now you don’t need to leave your house even an inch to play it, as it has been easily adapted into the world of online games for browsers!

Let’s teach you how to play pool games for browsers!

Balls with different colors and stripes on them are numbered from 1 through 15, and they start off by being placed in a triangle shape, using a special item to sort them. Then there is a sixteenth ball, the 8-ball, which is in black, and in which you hit with your puck so that you hit the other balls with it.

Each player is assigned one-half of the balls, and the goal is to pocket their balls and then the eight balls to win. Pocketing refers to the fact of shooting the balls through the holes in the four corners of the table, which is usually green, so that the balls of various other colors are easy to spot. Don’t pocket the 8-ball or those of your opponent, or you might lose.

Of course, since this game has been adapted to browsers and mobile devices, you use the mouse to control the puck with which you shoot at the balls, or the finger if you’re on the phone, tablet, or even a watch, as that’s definitely a possibility today!

This is everything you need to know, as most of the billiards games online (as they can also be called) follow these simple rules, and now that you know them, playing the content on this page should come easy to you, and become an enjoyable experience through and through, as with all of our awesome content we bring you day after day, all free of charge, readily available for boys and girls all over the world to enjoy and never get tired of!