Pool Mania

Pool Mania

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Pool Mania
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Pool Mania Overview


Games with pool, otherwise known as billiards games online, are definitely currently some of the best sports games online of any moment, which is why we never miss an opportunity to share one with you, just like it is the case right now and here with Pool Mania, a high-quality game in this genre that we did not miss the chance to share with you, and you won't miss the chance to play it either, for sure!

Play pool to the best of your abilities, and try winning!

Instead of playing a simple game of pool against the computer, in this game you have stages, each one more difficult than the one previous to it, and each one featuring a new billiards challenge for you.

Use the mouse to navigate the stick over the billiards table, and hit the white ball, with which you have to aim for the balls of other colors so that they fall into the holes at the four corners of the table.

Of course, for each challenge, the number of tries you have is limited, so try not to go overboard or miss too many times, or you might have to start the level again.

Also, clearing levels fast and easily gives you three out of three stars, so we hope you will always aim for them. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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