Word Swipe

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What is Word Swipe?

Word Swipe

Word Swipe represents one of the best word puzzles games online on our website, a game we highly recommend for each and every one of you since we know how this combo is both challenging and enjoyable at the same time, and the more words you know, and the better you are acquainted with the alphabet, the better job we're sure you will do!

It's Word Swipe time: an educational and fun game at the same time!

In front of you, there will be a ton of tiles with letters on them, and you need to identify letters that together form words, and when you do, swipe over them, getting those tiles eliminated, and gaining points in return.

Before the time you've been granted for a level, make sure to reach your target of words, but it's not really about the words, but more about clearing lines of tiles.

If you don't reach your targets, you don't advance. You have a bomb button as a help, which clears tiles randomly, or the shuffle one that moves the pieces around, giving you a fresh start.

It's quite that simple, so now that you know what to do and how, nothing should stop you from swiping the words right now, and having the best time possible as only here you can have it!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.