Road Painting 3D

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What is Road Painting 3D?

Road Painting 3D

Road Painting 3D is going to be one of the most unique coloring games online 3d on our website, a format you don't really see appear here that often, so we would not have missed the chance of sharing this game with you for anything in the world, so you should respect that and try this game right now!

Paint the 3D roads and help the city's traffic!

The roads have multiple signs that instead of hanging on poles, are directly on the roads, with colors that indicate one thing or another, such as stopping, advancing forward, a one-way street, and more.

As you see the shapes being put on the road, use the mouse to move the painting tool into the shape, without going out of bounds too much, since you don't want to make too many mistakes.

Try having an accuracy as high as possible at the end of each sign you've painted, so that you always get tons of points and 3/3 stars per level.

It's really that simple, so starting this painting game online right now is something we hope to see you do, after which we invite you to try out more of our daily content, you will appreciate it, guaranteed!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.