Escape from the Restroom – Restaurant Edition

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What is Escape from the Restroom – Restaurant Edition?

Escape from the Restroom – Restaurant Edition

Getting stuck inside a restroom in a restaurant is one of our biggest nightmares, and all we would want to do in that situation is to escape and be free, which is precisely what we invite you to attempt in this amazing new game, one of the best puzzle games with escape elements of the moment, not to be missed out on for anything in the world!

Escape the Restroom in the Restaurant and be free!

There are three actions you can take when it comes to the items around you:

  • select the items
  • enlarge the items
  • synthesize items (combining them)

You will have to interact with the items around you in the restroom, combine them together, and see what they do individually and together as well so that you figure out how they can be used in your escape, and if you get out of the toilet alive, you have won the game, simple as that!

It's not your usual everyday escape puzzle, but one that should definitely be played right now, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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